Performer to Vessel

by Esme

I grew up as the only child of Pentecostal pastors from Ghana, Africa. Going to church was all I knew. In elementary school, I fell in love with God’s presence through Christian music. This drew me closer to God as He delivered me from my struggle with anxiety. However, as I got older, I found it easy to go through the motions and take part in church activities because that was what my parents expected of me. By the time I was in high school, I learned the art of tuning out my dad’s sermons and became reluctant to pray or read God’s word. Although my main contribution to my church was playing the keyboard I had a hard time deciphering who I was performing for; God or my parents.

I had rededicated my life to Christ on several occasions but it was the transition between high school and college that made me reflect on my desire to know God personally. Now my parents would not be around to make sure I went to church or ask if I spent time with God. Having had an encounter with God and having seen Him continually bless me and my family, I became fearful of what my life would look like without Christ. In the summer of 2017, I asked God to surround me with Christians who could keep me grounded in my walk with God, and He did just that.

During the last Freshman orientation, I came across Chi Alpha’s table on Speedway and was invited to the Burger Bash. There I met Dalena Nguyen, who later became my small group leader. I was amazed at how excited she would get when she talked about God. I saw this same energy among other Chi Alpha members when I attended my first Chi Alpha service. My freshman year I attended a small group for both Chi Alpha and another Christian organization on campus, but I felt there was something different about Chi Alpha. It was seeing my fellow peers yearning to know Christ for themselves and encouraging others to do the same that drew me to Chi Alpha. But it was the genuine love for one other and the bond I created with the girls in my small group that made me stay.

By joining Chi Alpha’s worship team, I was able to rekindle my love of worship. Through music, I am able to express my adoration to God who has not deserted me despite my lukewarm Christian lifestyle in the past. To be used as a vessel for God to touch the hearts of others is a blessing and an utmost joy.

I will forever be grateful for the Chi Alpha members God has placed in my life and the renewed faith He has given me throughout my college experience.